About czech sea scouting

Sea scouts in the Czech Republic=Water scouts

In the Czech republic, there is no sea. Therefore, we call Sea scouts „just“ water scouts. Although we have this handicap, our country is rich in white water rivers and creeks optimal for kayaking, lakes suitable for sailing and flat water rivers open to canoeing and paddling activities. Boat trips have a long tradition and water sports are very popular in our country. Naturally, the water scouting in our country has played an important role since the beginning of the Czech scout movement.

Water scout movement belongs to the Czech scout organization JUNÁK but has also its own structure.

 Basic facts:

Number of Sea Scouts: about 3300 (10% of czech Scouts)
Number of local Sea Scout groups: 166 water groups
The symbol of czech water scouts:

Most common water scout activities:

•Canoeing and kayaking – paddling, white water,
•Sailing on lakes and dam reservoirs.
•Water rescue training
•Swimming and water diving
•Water games

More about Czech water scouts: Presentation: Sea scouting in the Czech Republic
National water scouts webpage:  http://vodni.skauting.cz/english-2