About us

Our troop

We are the fourth girl water scout troop called Water Lilies, which is a part of the Harbour of water scouts (harbour=a water scout group) Yellow submarine in Třebíč. Our troop was founded in 1970.

We are girls who want to experience lots of adventures, play different games and relax from school, try different activities-from boating activities, dancing and theater to camping, get to know a lot of good friends, and just have fun!


 Age categories

Now in our troop operate four crews, c. 26 girls from the age 6 to 18, and 5 scout leaders.

  • Brownies (Little frogs) – girls 6-10
    • Tree-frogs
    • Fire-bellied Toad
  • Girl scouts/rangers – girls 11-16/15-18
    • Otters – age 11-13
    • Sustomerodotky – age 13-15
    • Ludry (des Luders/Monsters) – age 16-18
  • Leaders 18+

Our activities

  • Meetings – Every week we meet in our club room next to the river Jihlava.
    Activities: paddling and canoeing, games, singing, dancing, working together, getting to know nature and town surroundings, we accept many challenges, work together on some projects …just learning by doing!
  • Trips – Some weekends we spend time in nature, in the countryside.
    Activities: Lot of outdoor activities, sports, adventure.
  • Summer camps – Every year, two-week camp in nature, in tee-pee or podsada tents („Podsada“ tent is typical for the Czech camps. It’s a special tent, which is built on kind of walls made of wood)
    Activities: A big thematic game (adventure, fantasy, Indians, mid-age, sailors etc.)
  • National, international and other events
    -National or international jamborees
    -Water scout races
    -Educational events